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Serious training for the professional jeweler or hobbyist. American School of Jewelry provides training for the different levels of national jeweler skill tests. All offerings are not intended to qualify graduates for entry level employment, rather they are designed to provide continuing education and professional development for those employed in the jewelry industry

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You donít have to be a computer wizard to use Computer Aided Design (CAD)

in your place of business.


You can learn to become proficient in Jewelry Design with CAD

at American School of Jewelry within a few weeks of training.

CAD - Computer Aided Design Jewelry CAD Channel Ring

Jewelry CAD - CAD Design Earrings

Jewelry CAD - Jewelry Anniversary Ring

Jewelry Cad Design - Princess Bezel Ring

Trying to make sense of CAD manuals can be very overwhelming and frustrating for most of us.

Our instructor lead classes will give you a route to your CAD learning success destination by showing you step by step how to custom make different pieces of jewelry. You will be guided to perform a set of exercises showing you how to make jewelry designs with full instructions.

Take full advantage of the power of computing technology by using one of the most powerful computer aided design (CAD) programs in the industry.

The instruction that you will receive during this class is valuable for bench jewelers, jewelry designers, jewelry hobbyists, jewelry wholesalers, jewelry retailers and anyone who wishes to enter the world of design with the aid of computers and the combination of CAD and CAM (Computer Aided Machining) systems.

During this course you will learn to make CAD technology part of your daily business.

Designing with computers can become a great time savings tool. After you are shown the basic steps and learn and master some of the basic techniques that can be accomplished with the use of CAD, you will be able to output the most unbelievable creations in CAD and ready for many one of a kind Jewelry Design creations.

You will learn and accomplish many complex designs in a fraction of the time required when compared to using old fashion artisan methods.

CAD design can also help you keep a wide inventory of creative designs with a minimal investment.

Computer designing can also help promote your jewelry designing business and assist you in creating more sales by being able to make new CAD designs, quick alterations to a virtual piece of jewelry and have the changes presented to your prospective clients in almost no time.

No Jeweler or Jewelry Designer should go without the knowledge of CAD in todayís highly competitive market.

It is time that you move ahead of your competition and use 21st century technology. CAD is here to stay and you must keep up with times!

CAD - Computer Aided Design Free form bezel ring

CAD will provide you with the right tools to create from the simplest to the most complex jewelry designs.

Did you know that while a handmade wax model is easily destroyed by a bad casting and cannot be recovered, your original CAD model will not be destroyed by a faulty casting because after you complete your CAD design, you can save and keep your original jewelry design in digital form, so even if your casting is not successful, your digital file is undamaged and can be reproduced as many times as you wish.

You can use the power of CAD when building your jewelry line and jewelry design. The use of CAD can help you bring in new customers and compete with the most highly trained bench jewelers.

Create a piece (CAD model) and alter the size, position and quantity of stones in your original model, just change a few things and import others from previously saved designs and you will be done and ready for printing. Only CAD gives you the power of creating an entire digital jewelry line. As you complete your CAD design you will learn to save it for future use.

Display the new pieces that you create with your CAD online. Your CAD drawing pieces will look real, you can sell them allowing enough time for production and literally make a sale with no need of keeping expensive physical inventory.

CAD is becoming part of everyday's jewelry designer toolbox.

At American School of Jewelry we will help you learn Computer Aided Design. You will be up and running with CAD within a few weeks of training.

Jewelry CAD - Anniversary Ring

CAD - Computer Aided Design Solitaire Ring

CAD - Computer Aided Design Free form tube ring with four prong setting

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