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Serious training for the professional jeweler or hobbyist

 American School of Jewelry provides training classes for the different levels of national jeweler skill tests. All offerings are not intended to qualify graduates for entry level employment, rather they are designed to provide continuing education and professional development for those employed in the jewelry industry

Jewelry I

Jewelry Design I

Design - Part Time

Wax Design + Casting

Stone Setting

Advanced Setting

Cert. Bench Jeweler

Cert. Jeweler Designer

Cert. Master Jeweler

Diamond Grading

CAD Design Intro

CAD Design I



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Tuition and Registration
The cost of the tuition for each Program and Course is listed in our website under “Tuition”. There is a Registration Fee for each program and course to reserve a seat in the class of your choice with the balance of the tuition due and payable according to the terms and conditions in this Enrollment Agreement contract.
The Registration Fee will be applied towards the total cost of the program and is
Non Refundable.

Hotels are available within walking distance and also within a mile from the school. A list of local hotels is provided in our website under “Housing”. Public transportation is also within walking distance from the school. Movie theaters and restaurants are at a short walking distance from the school. Shopping malls are within one mile.

Records and progress:

The school keeps records for a minimum of 5 (five) years. For those students who are denied entry or dismissed from the school, records will remain on file for at least 1 (one) year.


Refund and Cancellation Fee:

Should an applicant/student cancel or be terminated for any reason, all refunds will be made according to the following policy and refund schedule:

1-Cancellation must be sent by Certified Mail to “American School of Jewelry”.

2-All monies will be refunded if the school does not accept the student or if the student cancels within three (3) business days after signing the Enrollment Agreement and making initial payment.

3-Cancellation after the third (3rd) business day, but before the first class, will result in a refund of all monies paid, with the exception of the Registration Fee.

4-Cancellation after attendance has begun, but prior to 20% of the completion of the program, will result in a pro-rata refund computed on the number of hours completed to the total program hours.

5-Cancellation after completing 20% or more of the program/course will result in no refund.

6-Termination date: The calculation of the termination date for refund computation purposes is the date that the cancellation is received in the school by “Certified Mail”.

7-Refunds will be made within thirty (30) days of termination or receipt of cancellation notice.

8-A student can be dismissed at the discretion of the Director for insufficient progress, non-payment of costs or failure to comply with rules.


Cancellation and Termination Policy:

1-A student will be granted a leave of absence providing there is a valid reason such as illness, an emergency, or any sufficient reason with the proper documentation to sustain it. If the reason is not considered to be valid or the school considers that there is not enough documentation to support absence/s, the school has the right to terminate the student.

2-A student may re-enter to complete the education within six months from the leave of absence at no additional charge, providing that the reason for the termination was beyond his/her control, however, the student will be subject to the existence of a vacancy.

3-Disobedience or disrespectful behavior towards other students, instructor/s and/or any other school official, is sufficient reason for the termination of the student.

4-Any student intentionally creating a safety hazard will be terminated.

5-In order for the student to obtain a Certificate he/she must complete all practical exercises.


Admission requirements:

In order to register for a program in "American School of Jewelry", the applicant must be at least 18 years old or have the authorization of a parent or guardian. The corresponding Registration Fee for each program must be submitted together with the Enrollment Agreement. The applicant will be considered enrolled after a fully completed Enrollment Agreement and Registration Fee is received and approved by "American School of Jewelry". If the specific Course/Program requested by the applicant has been filled, the Enrollment Agreement together with the Registration Fee will be returned with indication of the next available class opening. An Admission will be denied should the applicant not comply with the herein described requirements for admission.


Rules and Regulations:

1-Cell phones must be shut off or on vibrate mode. Your cell phone is not to be heard by other students or instructor in the classroom regardless if the class is in session or not. If you need to take or make a call, you must exit the school building.

2-No electronic devices including music players, computers full or small sized, or any other type of electronic hardware is permitted within the school grounds.

3-No personal equipment, tool, gadget, instrument or device that is not part of the original set of tools provided by the school is allowed in your drawer, bench or school building.

4-The school general schedule provides two scheduled 15 minute breaks during the day and one 1 hour break for lunch. Repetitive unauthorized breaks outside of the regular schedule of class will result in enforcement of a warning and possible termination. Due to the nature of the training for long term Programs, students must work on practical exercises in the classroom unattended by the instructor, the break policies also apply for all students.

5-The long term programs are designed to provide the student with the working habits required in a professional setting and customary business working schedule routine. This requires a minimum of 35 weekly hours of training. Exceptions are only granted by special arrangement and only by required circumstances. A request for a custom schedule can be made at the school office and will only be authorized in writing.

6-While in the classroom, conversational talking or other activities outside of the classroom scope of work is an annoyance for other students, instructors, administrative personal and visitors. Please exercise respect.

7-The student must provide the school with an official record for an absence or obvious late arrival or departure (20 minutes tolerance) from class. The hours that you miss in the class will not extend the length of your contract. The weekly hours allocated for your class or program will be computed regardless of your record of attendance.

8-The Programs require the completion of multiple projects. During the completion of these projects you will be allotted a certain amount of time for each individual project. The length of time allowed for the completion of the practical work for the programs has been professionally researched and tested to allow a comfortable time table for accomplishment and extended time for the rework of required projects. Projects must be completed within the permitted time frame. If you do not complete your set of prescribed projects by the graduation date, you will have to go into extension time. Extension time will be billed at the going rate at the time of the extension and on a pre-paid monthly basis.

9-Credits of a course or program can be applied towards a longer program. Application must be received in our school office within 30 days of completing the course or program that you are applying as credit. When applying for this extension you must resubmit a new Enrollment Agreement together with all deposits and fees required for the program being applied for.

10-General working environment maintenance: When you start classes, you are provided with a clean and organized working station. The inadequate cleaning and maintenance of your station will result in the loss of precious metals. You must clean and maintain your station during your work day and at the end of the work day. Also, at the end of a class your bench and tools must be in the same condition as when you started your class.

11-The use of the rolling mill and melting equipment must always be done in the presence of your instructor.


Grounds for Termination

I agree to comply with the rules and policies and understand that the School shall have the right to terminate this contract and my enrollment at any time for violation of rules and policies as outlined in this contract. I understand that the School reserves the right to modify the rules and regulations, and that I will find the current rules and regulations in the school website.


Classroom Clock Hour:

One (1) hour classroom clock hour = 50 minutes



The school assumes no responsibility for injuries or other damages induced by the students on their person or their own or other student’s personal properties. Student behavior and the proper use of the facilities and equipment will be practiced in accordance to school regulations.


Employment, Placement

I understand that the School has not made and will not make any guarantees of employment or salary upon my graduation. The school does not offer placement.


Financial Aid:

American School of Jewelry will provide financial aid to those students who qualify.


Graduation Requirements

I understand that in order to graduate and to receive a diploma or certificate, I must successfully complete the required number of scheduled clock hours as specified in this program or course Enrollment Agreement, pass all applicable written and practical examination with a 70% average minimum score, and satisfy all financial obligations to the School.

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