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Serious training for the professional jeweler or hobbyist

 American School of Jewelry provides training classes for the different levels of national jeweler skill tests. All offerings are not intended to qualify graduates for entry level employment, rather they are designed to provide continuing education and professional development for those employed in the jewelry industry

Jewelry I

Jewelry Design I

Wax Design + Casting

Stone Setting

Advanced Setting

Cert. Bench Jeweler

Cert. Jeweler Designer

Cert. Master Jeweler

Diamond Grading

CAD Design Intro

CAD Design I



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Wasn't sure what to expect, but teacher was very knowledgeable, staff friendly. Learned way more than thought, will be back if possible, interested in classes of Jewelry Design I and ASJ Certified Bench Jeweler.

I attended other educational institutions, tried another jewelry course, but it was not nearly as good – more a “fly-by-night”. I recommend American School of Jewelry.

Julie Lord

AzureBella Jewelry


I recommend other students looking for a jewelry school to go to American School of Jewelry.

Eddy does a great job and has amazing patient. Best class I never attended.

James R. Lord

AzureBella Jewelry


I came here not knowing what to expect. My expectations were blown away.  This was the best vacation time I ever took from work.

It was great, I never realized we could do so much in one week. Time flew by, it was hard work but very rewarding.

I was provided with all of the tools needed for the class, was the best class I ever attended.

Ryan Nugent

Ebay handle: rpnugent


I was very nervous coming in, but by the first day I was excited and didn’t want to leave. The classes offered more information than I expected, the instructor gave each student personal attention, answered all the questions without me having to ask him.

My recommendation to other students, was better than I expected, I'll be back for more classes like Jewelry Design I.

I rate this school as The Best; the classes were dynamic and fun.

Elizabeth Horejsi

Gold & Diamond Exchange

I enjoyed the class, I learned a lot to help me in the pawn and jewelry business.

Jamie Barbour

Earl`s Pawn & Jewelry Inc.


I feel better knowing that now when I look at diamonds that come to our shop that I know what I m looking for                                                     

Tory Guillotte

Earl`s Pawn & Jewelry


Thanks again for such a great class!


What an amazing class!  So much information packed into four weeks of training.  I learned everything I needed to know on how to make jewelry repairs and much more!  I highly recommend taking any of the offered courses, Eddie Zargon will tailor make your classes to your level of knowledge and expertise. I will be back, if I lived closer I would be signing on for the full course.

Lyn Ballinger

Lyn's Vintage Gems

I really enjoyed the class. I received a lot of personal attention. The level of instruction was excellent.


Glenn Easterwood

Empire Jewelers

The instructor was very knowledgeable and offered his help in every way. Thank You!


Great class, great teacher, couldn't have asked for nothing better, will be back soon, the class was fun and very informative


For everything I learn I wouldn't improve anything because it was very complete. A little bit of everything that you need to know. Awesome. It was amazing. Great teacher with knowledge.


I am so impressed w/owner and teacher. Every step was explained and presented in a good strong manor. All help in understanding was available and handled in a perfect easy fashion. Attitudes and personalities were a pleasure. You went above and beyond for me in every situation.


Enjoy meeting people. Enjoyed the attentiveness received from instructor.


Really enjoyed the experience here, and how much one on one time I had w/ Karen. I felt it was very helpful.


I like and appreciate the learning process and how every piece you work on is looked over carefully before you proceed to move on. Karin is a great teacher!!


It was an absolute wonderful experience. I learned so much and looked forward to class every day. The teachers were extremely knowledgeable and patient with me. I loved the fact that we covered so many areas of Jewelry repairs and any questions we had were always answered. This was better than a school. It was an internship.


I really enjoyed the course and I am amazed at how much I learned in such a short time. I took this course as a way to learn the basic language of the manufacturing process and came out with way more than I expected.


Both instructors extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Learned a great amount of information in a short time.


This school exceeded my expectations by far. Karin is a fabulous instructor who really gets behind her students and their designs (no matter how ambitious or ridiculous they may be!) I love the fact that she will learn along side you and make you feel accomplished and proficient in your creations. Anyone would be lucky to have her next to them!!!


I would just like to thank both Karin and Eddie for such an amazing experience! I learned more about jewelry than I ever expected to. Karin, you were awesome, very kind and knowledgeable. I enjoyed every moment of the class and would like to someday return! I felt welcome from the moment I walked through the door. Karin and Eddie are two people I won't soon forget! Thank You!


I love this school. The teachers were great. And I will be coming back soon. I am glad I came to ASJ. I would recommend this school to anyone.


This hands on experience is invaluable. Karin is a very, very patient and knowledgeable instructor. She provided options and was clearly devoted to helping each student learn at their own pace.


I don't think I'd change anything about the course, though there are a lot of projects. Much of what's completed reflects the student's own pace and commitment, which I felt the instructors did a great job of handling.

I feel as though one could spend an entire lifetime learning and understanding the Jewelry Industry, but given the time restraints I felt Karen and Eddie did a fantastic job familiarizing and introducing the tools and techniques of the industry/trade. I was very satisfied.


I truly enjoyed myself during the course. I have learned a lot and looking forward to coming back. I enjoyed the teaching method and the hands on experience. I'm definitely coming back.


I couldn't have chosen a better jewelry school to become a certified jeweler designer. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, patient, helpful and encouraging. The classes are 100% hands on since day one so you are always working on a piece of jewelry. The classes are also very small so there is plenty of time for individual attention. I had never worked with metals before my first day of class and five months later, I feel confident that I can make pieces of jewelry on my own using the skills and techniques that I've learned at the American School of Jewelry.


Very well done! Coming from a hands on approach you did well teaching and showing each step and how it is supposed to look.


Wow! What can I say? The Jewelry Design class was amazing. I’ve taken several jewelry classes around the country and this was by far my favorite. Eddie is an amazing teacher, very knowledgeable, personable and extremely patient. In just two short weeks I learned so many new techniques, and best of all, gained confidence in my previously weak areas. Looking forward to my next class!


I enjoyed the hands on experience and the one-on-one help I received from Eddie.


I have no regret with taking this class. It has helped me to be a lot more focused and thorough. I would encourage any person interested in pursuing a course in jewelry to sign up at the American School of Jewelry.


This class was better than expected. I was very glad to have my spare time available to create personal projects and more elaborate class assignments. Eddie was very helpful to me with everything.


I think the classes are great. I have learned so much from the classes I have attended. It has been a wonderful experience and I will return for more classes.


Class was very informative and it was good to have it geared toward individual requests.


The class was better than expected and I wish there was more time.


I'll be back!


Great time, learned a lot, would love to come take more classes. Lots of Fun.

This was way better than I expected. I fully anticipate to take the Master Jeweler Program.

Very good and informative. I learned more than expected and definitely more than I would have at a college.

Awesome time! I wanna stay and take all the classes!

Outstanding Program. I can't wait to come back for more training!

It was awesome! Great experience! Learned a lot!







Thanks so much for everything. I have learned so much and I will use my new knowledge throughout my career. I'm definitely glad I made the decision to come down here, I love working.



This was the best class I ever took. Mr. Zargon is the best teacher in the world. The class was better than I expected and I would definitely take more classes at American School of Jewelry. I would definitely recommend the school to others.


Very interesting, very informative. Good 1 on 1 teaching. The class was better than expected. I would absolutely take more classes at American School of Jewelry and recommend the school to others.


I learned more than I expected. There was plenty of demonstration by video and personal assistance provided by the instructor, who is a certified Master Jeweler.                      


This class was amazing. The techniques demonstrated were all-inclusive. Eddie was able to adapt a technique to an individual who was unable to do it a certain way. If a student was having difficulties, Eddie would demonstrate again to the individual.  Eddie is terrific! He tempers difficulty with humor. He relates to beginners and advanced alike. No one just sits in class if he manages to finish a step in a project. Instead, Eddie provides more difficult steps, so a student can work up to his level of proficiency.


Very good program. Awesome set up. Wonderful instruction and patience with the slower students. Liked the teaching and approach. Liked the small class size and personalization. Thanks.

I loved this class. It challenged me a lot more than I expected. Can't wait to get home and apply everything together.

I have enjoyed this class very much. The teacher was fantastic, patient and insuring to encourage you, not to discourage you.

This class was beyond my wildest dreams. I learned more than I thought possible in six weeks. It gave me the desire to continue to learn the craft with a level of expertise necessary to be a competent jeweler. Thanks.


I have learned a lot of techniques in terms of making or soldering jewelry. My level of self confidence has increased a lot. It’s worth the trip from anywhere.


This school was just excellent for me as a retail store owner. I will definitely send my jewelers to this school.


I have been to other schools to learn how to make Jewelry. They don’t compare to this school and the teacher is the best. 


I learned far more than I expected in such a short time. Now I am excited about learning even more. Ed Zargon’s patience and calm demeanor provided an atmosphere that was easy to learn in.
When I took your intensive one week jewelry repair course I learned far more than I imagined I could in such a brief time. In just 35 hours I learned about various metals and how to identify and solder most of them, annealing and proper preparation of metals, piercing and drilling, cutting, how to make a ring with a tiffany setting from scratch, how to repair various difficult chains, much about various precious stones and how to set them, how to solder a letter to a plate without ruining the letter and how to make a beautiful turquoise cabochon pendant set in silver. You imparted methods that came from your vast experience and knowledge as a master jeweler so that we would learn the best techniques to speed up the learning process. You told us of pitfalls to watch out for and you have literally inspired me to strive for greatness. You were patient and you gave us quality attention so that we truly understood what you were teaching. I am forever changed by this positive experience from you and your high quality school. You are an asset to the jewelry industry as a jeweler and for you generous gifting of future jewelry students with high level of education and integrity that you provide. I look forward to future classes at your school.

I knew after the first class I took at this school that I wanted to take the ASJ Certified Jeweler Technician course. Not even in college I learned as much as I have learned here. If you love jewelry and want to make jewelry that is the course to take. I am able to make pieces I have always admired and could not afford to own. Not just pieces of Jewelry to wear, but also things like pillboxes and decorative pieces. The patience of the instructor and the way the pieces are presented is absolutely wonderful. You follow the program, but you are allowed to get your own ideas in. The same piece from each student looks totally different thanks to the creativity each student has and thanks to the teacher who lets you live out your creativity. I wish I had more time to go into the new program. Maybe later I can take the 1650 hour course. It would be well worth it. A special note to my teacher: Thank you for all the time you have given me and the wonderful advise. Because of you I developed the confidence and skills to make anything I want, and know it will come out the way I want it to look. Thanks again.


Accomplished a lot, great use of time. Felt like I got a lot of personal attention when needing help. Thanks! Overall a great experience. I can't wait to take what I've learned home with me! Hope to be back in the future!


The class was very helpful. I like that we not only learn the right way to do things. I like that we also learn the wrong way to do things because it helps so when you’re in that situation you will be prepared.


Everything was great. I am so pleased, and feel that the expertise of the instructor was priceless. I am grateful to have had a “Superstar” for an instructor.


Great! You are very patient and good at making me feel like no mistake is unfixable! This goes a long way towards helping me make less mistakes.


I feel, I learned a lot of what I needed to bring some of my “pictures” to life. Thanks for getting me several steps closer to doing what I love in a way I can be proud of!


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