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Serious training for the professional jeweler or hobbyist

 American School of Jewelry provides training classes for the different levels of national jeweler skill tests. All offerings are not intended to qualify graduates for entry level employment, rather they are designed to provide continuing education and professional development for those employed in the jewelry industry

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Certified Bench Jeweler                              140 hours           

This program has been carefully planned to provide continuing education for  people in the jewelry business by targeting the most common tasks that take place in a jewelry store environment on a daily basis. At the end of this program you will be ready to perform more advanced work in your jewelry store. Part of the hands on projects include: repairing chains, making rings, ring sizing, soldering settings, setting stones, installing and restoring locks, replacing prongs, replacement of watch batteries and watch bands, and electroplating. All of these tasks are covered in this program as well as basic assembly and designing tasks.  Intensive training designed by JA Certified Master Jeweler.

Certified Jeweler Designer                                                       650 hours

This Program will prepare you for the Jewelers of America second level of certification. You will  train you to design jewelry as you complete a large combination of projects by using metal fabrication and lost wax techniques.

Your will accomplish your training as you complete a series of jewelry projects which will increase in difficulty as the program progresses.

Intensive training designed by JA Certified Master Jeweler.

Certified Master Jeweler                                                       1650 hours

This is American School of Jewelry's most extensive Program. This class was designed with the hobbyist in mind and for those who are already in the business and want to obtain top level education to prepare for the Jewelers of America 4th level of certification. This Program is not limited to jewelry making; multiple aspects of the jewelry industry are discussed and explored.

After you complete this entire Program, you will have to successfully complete a final test for the ASJ Certified Master Jeweler.

Intensive training designed by JA Certified Master Jeweler.


Jewelry I - Basic design and repair                                       35 hours

By working on jewelry projects hands-on, you will start by learning to make nameplates, you will be soldering your own pieces after a few short hours of instruction from day one. As the class progresses, you will be challenged by exercises with different levels of difficulty in order to develop and improve your skills.

Learn to use the most common bench tools and shop equipment as well as the proper handling of precious metals.

Jewelry Design I                                                                             70 hours

After this intensive course you will have a nice assortment of designs in your personal portfolio that will include rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets and that are yours to keep. Turn you jewelry design ideas into stunning pieces of jewelry.
Create a portfolio of designs that would make any professional jeweler proud. During our jewelry design class you will be guided through designs and will also be coached to achieve your own creations.

Wax Design and Casting                                                            35 hours

Most pieces in jewelry are made by using the lost wax process. This class will give you the know-how to custom make your own designs starting from an idea all the way into completion.

You will also learn to make molds to mass produce jewelry.

This class is excellent for the beginner who is interested in learning to design.

If you are a Jeweler and are not presently designing with the wax method, this class is a must for you!

CAD Design Intro                                                                         35 Hours

The power of computers has opened a new world of design, more precision in a fraction of the time and with less effort. During this course, you will be introduced to the basic commands needed to get started designing with your computer.

CAD Design I                                                                               70 Hours

This Computer Aided Design course is the next step after CAD Design Intro. During this intensive course, you will create more than 50 designs under the supervision of your instructor! This course is a must for those designers wanting to perform their models using CAD.

Stone Setting                                                                                35 hours

General knowledge of the "tricks of the trade" for Stone Setting.

If you are a novice to stone setting this is an excellent class. If you are a Jeweler with little or no experience, we highly recommend this class. You will work your way up from fairly easy four prong settings, through fancy shaped stones all the way into the more complex techniques such as channel, gypsy, burnishing and pave settings. You will get a good foundation while setting all different shapes of stones and setting styles.

Advanced Setting                                                                        35 hours

This program will train students that already have basic jewelry and basic prong setting experience, and will take their skills into the next level. Basic stone setting is practiced before you get into more difficult settings such as burnishing, channel and pave setting. These styles are the main subjects of this class.

Diamond Grading                                                                          14 hours

This class is designed for the beginner or for someone with some experience that wants a more in depth understanding of the way that professional laboratories examine diamonds. The G.I.A. grading system is explained in detail. You will examine and grade many diamonds as the instructor points out the characteristics of each. Students are introduced to the "tools of the trade" such as loupe, microscope, Leveridge Gauge, master stones and U.V. lamp. You will be working with these instruments on real diamonds.

Our programs successfully compete with any and all of the courses available in the country. Do not expect to become a professional jeweler at the end of any one week class since this would be a false promise from any educational institution. Our program will give you a good foundation to understand and perform many of the tasks that you may be presented with when working in the jewelry industry.
Becoming a Professional Jeweler requires extensive training and practice like any other trade or profession.


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